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Welcome to our home page for the MMF Piano Event. This new event was introduced in 2011 and Annie's Music has the first and most complete selection of required materials in stock.  We are the only dealer in the country who has all the choices in stock and categorized by level.  We also have developed a cross reference list for pieces which are also choices for other events.

Our selection is completely new and includes a wide selection of pieces from Alfred Publishing, FJH Music, Hal Leonard, and a wonderful new company, Noteworthy Publications.  This new company was founded by composer and clinician, Carole Flatau.  Along with her daughter, Carrie Kraft and many other talented composers, they are offering a nice selection of solos and duets that interface with virtually every method out there.  They have four solos and one duet on this year's new list and we look forward to many more in the future.  Also featured are works by Myra Brooks-Turner, with whom I've also had the pleasure of speaking with personally.

Composer Song Title NFMC Level Publisher
Bastien Matt, My Cat PP KJ
Bober All Creatures Great…But Small PP FJH
Faber Particularly Pleasing Piece, A FJH
Finn/Morris Itsy Bitsy Elephant WMC
Garcia Cat Walk ALF
Greenleaf Cheerful Chimes PP FJH
Johnson, B. The Thing That is Under My Bed PP ALF
Linn Jazz Gypsy HL
Linn Butterflies and Rainbows HL
Matz Big Black Bear PP ALF
Mier Taco Fiesta PP ALF
Mier Nothin' to Do Blues ALF
Montgomery The Leaf and the Bird PP ALF
Stevens Irish Celebration HL
Strickland The Llama PP FJH
Alexander March King ALF
Baumgartner Punch and Judy WMC/HL
Costley Jazzy! P2 FJH
Donahue Leapfrog P1 SCHAUM
Goldston Kitty Cat Blues ALF
Greenleaf Mischievous Monkeys P2 FJH
Hughey Just Stompin' Around WMC/HL
Kern First Time Sonatina HL
Klose Wind Chimes ALF
Leaf Making Mischief FJH
Linn Bunny Hop HL
Linn Japanese Garden HL
McLean Ogg (The Caveman) P2 FJH
Mier Mystery at Blackwater Creek P2 ALF
Mier Swingin' and Swayin' ALF
Montgomery Mist on the Lake ALF
Rejino Feelin' Happy P1 HL
Setliff Big Green Frog P1 WMC/HL
Setliff Outside My Window P2 WMC/HL
Williams Brave Warrior ALF
Alexander Magic of Music #2 ALF
Bennett Sunrise at San Miguel P3 WMC/HL
Boyd  New Orleans Jamboree P1 HL
Burkholder Best Liked Solos P3 FJH
Costley Snapshots P3 FJH
Evans Color Me Jazz Bk. 1 P3 FJH
Jackson Fire Ants HL
Klose Checkers P3 HL
Linn Wild Robot P3 HL
Linn Monster March HL
Matz Allegro Fantastico P4 ALF
McLean Ghost Waltz P4 FJH
Mier March of the Gnomes ALF
Miller Dancing Bears P3 WMC/HL
Myette Kool Dudes HL
Olson Rhythm Machine CF
Vandall Icicles ALF
Vandall Lady Allyson's Minuet ALF
Alexander Busybody E1 ALF
Alexander Toccata Vivo ALF
Bober Melody in Style WMC/HL
Boyd Soft Shoe Shuffle HL
Brown From Far Away Places FJH
Costley Little Cloud E1 FJH
Hartsell Hawaiian Getaway E1 ALF
Hartsell More Romantic Impressions WMC/HL
Karp Dance Allegro WMC/HL
Matz The Sorcerer E1 ALF
Mier Starry Night Sonatina (Mvt. I, II, or III) E1 ALF
Reijno Pagoda Bells HL
Reijno AmericaN Sonatina HL
Rollin Wish Upon a Star ALF
Springer Detective Belvedere ALF
Tingley Autumn Reflections ALF
Bober Grand Solos for Piano Bk. 4 E2 ALF
Demarest Willows in the Wind E2 ALF
Linn Toccata Festivo E2 HL
Mier Arabian Tale E2 ALF
Tsitsaros Crazy Man's Blues E2 HL
Bober Tarantella Viva! E3 FJH
Hartsell Sunset Ridge E3 ALF
Matz Rain Forest Rhapsody E3 ALF
Strickland Magic Suite E3 FJH
Alexander El Zapateado ALF
Costley Summer Portraits E3 FJH
Hartsell Echoes of Yesterday ALF
Klose Candlelight Prelude MED HL
Linn St Louis Rag HL
Baumgartner Cityscapes WMC
Reijno In the Grove HL
Vandall Eye of the Storm ALF
Miller Little Waltz WMC
Rollin Sounds of Spain #1 ALF
Baumgartner Now Playing WMC/HL
Bennett Victory Dance ALF
Bober Black Cat Scherzo ALF
Bober Sparkling Stream E4 FJH
Boyd Jump Around Rag HL
Caramia Ballad HL
Faber Willow Tree Waltz HL
Gillock Journey in the Night WMC/HL
Hartsell Great Escape ALF
Hartsell Window to the Heart ALF
Keveren Way Cool HL
Klose Sonatina Bravo HL
Linn Tarantella HL
Meir Romantic Sketches #2 E4 ALF
Miller The Matador E4 WMC/HL
Peskanov Circus WMC/HL
Rollin Moonlight Nocturne E4 ALF
Springer Reflections in the Moonlight HL
Wells Canterbury Bells ALF
Alexander Rhythm Roulette MED ALF
Baumgartner Journey's End WMC/HL
Bober Opening Ceremony MD1 ALF
Bober Standing Ovations FJH
Bober Midnight Escapade MED FJH
Brown Toccatina FJH
Burson Watch my Fingers Rock FJH
Caramia Boppin' Along HL
Costley Winter Portraits MD1 FJH
Custer Falling Leaves MD2 HL
Edwards Café Waltz HL
Faber American Frontier HL
Garcia  Allegro Furioso FJH
Garcia, Z. Dream Memories MED ALF
Greenleaf Fountain, The FJH
King Get With It! SP
Klose Dance of the Trolls HL
Mier Bravo #1 ALF
Ordaz Carnival Clown FJH
Rollin Dancing on the Keys #2 ALF
Roubous Picture This! Bk. 3 FJH
Setliff Majestic Splendor MED WMC/HL
Sifford Gumshoes MED FJH
Yeager Romantic Moods KJ
Berr Barcarolle Impromptu MD2 HL
Bober Rhapsody Brillante MD2 ALF
Bober Itasca Sunrise FJH
Bober Magnificent March FJH
Costley Land of Many Waters FJH
Goldston Fantastic Fingers #5 FJH
Greenleaf Waltz in A Minor MD2 FJH
Heller Valse in A Minor FJH
Karp Summer in the Park WMC
Keveren Urban Heartbeat HL
Leaf Fantasy in A Minor MD2 FJH
Linn On the Bridge at Twilight HL
Peskanov Farewell Waltz WMC
Setliff Rhapsody Royale MD2 ALF
Vandall Flying Fingers MD2 ALF
Yeager Song of the Seasons KJ
Alexander Especially in the Romantic Style MD3 ALF
Baumgartner Jazz Connection #3 WMC/HL
Bober Midnight Rhapsody FJH
Bober Grand Solos for Piano #6 MD3 ALF
Bober Spanish Rhapsody FJH
Costley Symphony of Spring MD3 FJH
Garcia, W.T. On A Summer's Night MD3 FJH
Gerou Northen Lights ALF
Gillock Fountain in the Rain WMC/HL
Klose Berceuse for Janey HL
Peskanov Black Key Blues MD3 WMC/HL
Peskanov Sonata (Hommage to Scarlatti) WMC/HL
Tingley Reverie ALF
Alexander Reverie in F Minor ALF
Austin Jazz Suite No. 2 D1 HL
Bilotti Firefly D1 CF
Bober Moonlight Fantasy FJH
Brown Soliloquy D1 FJH
Gillock Sonatine WMC
Goldston Etude Brillante ALF
Joplin Entertainer HL
Joplin Pine Apple Rag D1 HL
Karp Sonatina for Piano WMC
MacDowell Six Fancies Op.7 D1 ALF
Rocherelle Recuerdos Hispanicos D1 HL
Rocherelle Touch of Romance WB
Scwab Journey West ALF
Tsitsaros Sonatina Humoresque D1 HL
Agay Dance Scherzo D2 HL
Austin Sea Nocturne D2 WMC/HL
Bilotti Spanish Dance D2 CF
Erhardt/Engle Mandarin Orange WMC/HL
Faber Egyptian Rhapsody FJH
Joplin Maple Leaf Rag D1 HL
Karp In Recital for the Adv. Pianist, Bk. 1 D2 FJH
Klose Northwoods Toccata HL
MacDowell 12 Etudes, Op. 39 D2 HL
McHugh Steamboar Rag MAN
Rocherelle Just for Friends KJ
Austin Valse Brilliante VD1 WMC/HL
Dello Joio Diversions VD1 HL
Gershwin Preludes for Piano MA1 ALF
Hovhaness Macedonian Mountain Dance VD1 CFP
Joplin Easy Winners D2 ALF
Joplin Solace VD1 ALF
MacDowell Hungarian Op.39 #12 VD2 ALF
O'Hearn 3 Piano Preludes in Jazz KJ
Rocherelle Souvenirs du Chateau D2 KJ
Verne Phrygian Nocturne WB
Yeager Baroque Encores VD1 KJ
Bernstein Four Anniversaries
Copland The Cat & the Mouse MA1 ALF
Dello Joio Prelude to a Young Musician MA1 HL
Dello Joio Suite for Piano MA1 HL
Gottschalk Souvenirs from Puerto Rico ALF
Gottschalk Ojos Criollos Op.37 MA1 ALF
Ives Concord Sonata: Alcotts
Joplin Gladiolus Rag ALF
Keyes Three Love Songs
LaMontaine Toccata MA1 BB
Lees Kaleidoscopes #9 or #10 BH
MacDowell Witches' Dance Op.17 #2 MA2 HL


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